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Our Tapas


Tapas & Small Plates

Olives (Aceitunas)​

Olives and Manchego Cheese (Marinated in Sherry Vinegar)

Almonds (Almendras)

Breadbasket (Pan)

Gazpacho (Seasonal traditional, cold vegetable soup)


Banderillas​ (Pickled skewers)

Montaditos (Several options: Artisan bread slices "mounted" with Sobrasada & Manchego, Queso, Queso y Membrillo or Queso y Chorizo)​

Pan Tumaca (Toasted artisan bread, with olive oil, tomato, and garlic. Served with Serrano Ham or Vegan Option)

Tomato Soup (Served with cheddar toast & house croutons)

Cheese Fondue (House recipe, served with bread and apple slices)

Sandwich (Artisan rolls with cured meats & cheese from Spain)​

Combination Plate (Plato Combinado)​

Cheese Plate (Plato de Quesos)​

Meat Plate (Plato de Jamon y Chorizo)​

Cheese Ravioli (Topped with Sundried Tomato Pesto and Cilantro-Lime Pesto)​

Stuffed Dates (Stuffed with Spicy Chorizo, wrapped in Jamon Serrano and baked)​

Meatball in Tomato Sauce (Mar's mom's recipe!)​

Shrimp Scampi​ (Served with artisan bread)

Cajun Shrimp (Served with artisan bread)

Tempura Shrimp (Served with cocktail sauce)


Whimsy Chocolates​

Chocolates with Liqueur Wine

Olive Oil Aniseed Torte (from Sevilla)​

Killa-Bites Cake Bombs ​

Killa-Bites Lemon-lavender or Vanilla-cranberry Biscotti​

House Caramel Bread Pudding

Ham and Cheese

Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.

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About our drinks

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Diet Pepsi

Ginger Ale

Orange Fanta


Sparkling water



Hot Chocolate


Frozen Sangria 

Hot Spiced Wine

Egg Nog

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