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local talent

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Friday 5/20 (Starting at 6:00pm)

NurseBob has been singing since he was four and has always been involved with music. He joined his first group in the 60's when he was 14, playing at many coffee houses in the L.A. area. While serving in the military in Southeast Asia, Bob enjoyed entertaining the other soldiers singing with his guitar. After the military, with family priorities, his playing was pretty much limited to camp fires and backyard parties. After the kids had grown, he started performing again, fronting several groups, including: The Guys, Up Past 10, NurseBob & The Jam Doctors. He is currently with BOHICA. Bob retired in 2015 after 40 years as a Registered Nurse (that's why he was given the handle of "NurseBob" over 20 years ago) and now his life is music and grandkids. Bob loves performing and finds his solo/duo music lends itself well to restaurants, bars and private parties where he is able to get close and connect with the audience.

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Saturday 5/21 (Starting at 6:00pm)

Rhapsody - Jeff Hill and Darci Wright are appreciators of a well written song. The genre makes no difference. Their music runs the spectrum of old to new, country to rock. So come out, sing along if you know the words, relax, and enjoy an evening of music.